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Fantastic sea world with thousands of creatures,hundreds of unique dive-sites, dozens of wrecks,365 sunny days a year, perfect visibility,our yachts to explore it and our team to teach and guide.

Daedalus - Elphonstone - Fury Shoals

Daedalus - Elphinstone - Fury Shoals

Departure : 27-02-2021
Return : 06-03-2021
MY Turquoise

South safari

This itinerary covers the best magnificent dive sites of the Red sea south. Plateaus, caves, lagoons, coral gardens of soft and hard corals, forests of fan corals, anemone colonies, shoals of pelagics cruising in the blue, reef sharks, threasher sharks, schools of hammerheads, pods of dolphins, mantas, groupers, snappers, napoleons, rays and whale sharks attract divers from all over the world.