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Fantastic sea world with thousands of creatures,hundreds of unique dive-sites, dozens of wrecks,365 sunny days a year, perfect visibility,our yachts to explore it and our team to teach and guide.

North - Ras Mohamed - Tiran

Wrecks and Reefs

Departure : 03-06-2023
Return : 10-06-2023
MY Anemone

Marine parks of the North during best warm water season

We will visit the "ships graveyard" boasting seven sunken ships of different eras resting close to each other and within comfortable diving depths.
The Straits of Tiran with its famouse reefs - Gordon, Jackson, Laguna, Thomas and Woodhouse is one of the most spectacular and impressive dive sites in the Red Sea with mild to strong currents. A magnificent canyon, shipwrecks, numerous caves, full-fledged coral gardens, oceanic fish, dolphins, turtles, groupers, tunas, barracudas and white tip sharks will accompany your dive here.
Ras Mohamed Marine Park spans an area of 345 km² over the sea. Untouched reefs located 50-100cm below the sea surface are home to more than 220 species of corals, 1000 species of fish, 40 species of star fish, 25 species of sea urchins, more than a 100 species of mollusc and 150 species of crustaceans. Ras Mohamed called a "God's Garden" is a treasure of Egypt protected by law.



Departure : 17-06-2023
Return : 24-06-2023
MY Anemone

Luxury MY Anemone in the Red sea

Flat, mirror-like water, empty vast spaces, turquoise warm sea and white sandy beaches. Unlimited riding, kiting between islands with dolphins, snorkeling, parties under the starry skies and the most important - steady warm wind. Luxury boat, excellent food, pleasant company of European riders. Embark on MY Anemone and visit the world-famous kite spots of the Red Sea with perfect wind conditions. Explore both popular and secret locations, and make the most of your trip on this 5-star yacht.



Departure : 29-07-2023
Return : 05-08-2023
MY Anemone

Famous kite spots on 5* yacht

Get a place on MY Anemone to the best world-famous kite spots of the Red sea. Following the perfect wind we will visit many famous and secret spots with vast shallow lagoons, turquoise warm flat water and white sandy beaches for unlimited kite sessions from sunrise till sun dawn. Snorkeling at the reefs with shoals of exotic fishes, riding SUPs, trying all kinds of inflatable water toys, wakeboarding, learning to scuba dive, swimming with dolphins, playing island volleyball and water-polo, dancing at parties, singing karaoke, listening to live music, practicing daily fitness & stretching classes with the professional instructor, enjoying massage, melting in the jacuzzi, fishing, savoring delicious food in the restaurant, stargazing on the island at barbecue parties around the bonfire, basking in the sun and enjoying the life to the fullest!


Brothers - Daedalus - Elphinstone

Departure : 02-09-2023
Return : 09-09-2023
MY Turquoise

Marine parks of the South during best warm water season

BDE itinerary covers the best magnificent dive sites of the Red sea southern marine parks. Famous wrecks, steep walls overgrown with soft and hard corals, forests of fan corals, anemone colonies, shoals of pelagics cruising in the blue, reef sharks, threasher sharks, schools of hammerheads, pods of dolphins, mantas, groupers, snappers, napoleons, rays and whale sharks attract divers from all over the world.