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Red sea with its through-out-the-year warm flat turquoise waters is a world-known yachting, diving and water-sports paradise.

your own luxury yacht - it is real

  • if you build your yacht in Egypt. A top luxury yacht of bespoke design & comfort competing with the value of the best world shipyards’ builds has a 5 times less cost of construction than anywhere else in the world.
  • To build your own yacht means to have your own luxury home which is always with you anywhere you wish to be, it is a moveable feast, your safe haven in the hustle and bustle of life, your freedom and your life-style.
  • You will enjoy the yacht for your pleasure or might consider reselling the ready yacht with the great profit to another part of the world – in both cases it is a win-win.
  • To keep your yacht in one of the beautiful Egyptian marinas means to be able to use the yacht for the whole year round. The Red sea with its flat warm waters, coral gardens, abundance of fish, turquoise lagoons, white-sand islands and 365 days of sunshine is an ideal place for the yacht. Maintaining berthing and crewing the yacht in Egypt is times favourable, the night life of numerous resorts is bursting with bright colours and the country is full of attractions.


Unless you have a complete knowledge of every aspect of yacht building – including engineering, legal, procurement - working with a team of dependable specialists is an effective and prudent way of building a new yacht.

We are here to help:

  • To consult on the yacht business & yacht owning in Egypt
  • To set up your company in Egypt
  • To represent your interests in front of all governmental and commercial institutions in Egypt
  • To select a shipyard, to recruit a team
  • To prepare a draft design and specification
  • To manage the building process from A to Z
  • To provide accounting, legal, procurement, certifications, insurance
  • To choose a marina in Egypt or to organize sea delivery to your preferred part of the world.


Whether you plan to keep your yacht for your pleasure only or would consider to charter it in Egypt during your absence in order to return investments we are here to:

  • Choose a marina
  • Select and train the crew
  • Run maintenance and security
  • Administrate
  • Market, sell & organize charters

Recent Projects

Private Yacht

Luxury recreational private yacht fully built in Egypt.

  • Length : 40 ms - 132 ft
  • max capacity: 13 Pax
  • cabins:6

Private Yacht

Handmade interiors, fully built in Egypt.

  • Length : 40 ms - 132 ft
  • max capacity: 13 Pax
  • cabins:6

Yachts for sale

New and used boats, European and Egyptian built for sale.