Why Us

Why Us

Moments spent in the warm crystal-clean sea are an ultimate pleasure and sometimes you
do not want to go back from the fantastic sea world

Longer than

  • Anywhere in the world! Sunshine & warm turquoise water all year round!

wider THAN

  • Anywhere in the Egypt! Egyptian & Sudanese Red sea, famous & unique itineraries.

fuller THAN

  • Anywhere in the Red sea!  Full collection of onboard activities for everyone: top quality dive courses for children, adults, beginners & pro’s, physically challenged, kite courses, swimming & snorkeling lessons, yoga & fitness sessions, massage, games, parties, island volleyball with the multi-language crew.


  • Anywhere in the world! Top destination for swimming, snorkeling, diving, kite & windsurfing, enjoying seascapes & underwater life along with land based historic tours.

tastier THAN

  • Anywhere in the Red sea! Freshly made international & local favorites, Egyptian wines, abundance of fruit & vegetable.

safer THAN

  • Anywhere in the Red sea! We adhere to quality standards & proud of our reputation built on personal service. Health officer and water security personnel onboard.


  • Anywhere in the world for quality diving, kitesurfing, cruising onboard of luxury vessels!