A rich collection of itineraries in Egyptian and Sudanese Red sea for divers, cruise travelers and watersports-lovers

Daedalus - Fury Shoals

The walls carpeted in softcorals, hard corals and enormous sea fans, anemones and clownfish, schooling hammerheads, baraccudas, jacks, tuna, grey reef sharks, threshers, dolphins, mantas and whale sharks, turquoise lagoon, plateaus, caves, formations,and a famus wreck are to complete this superb itinerary.

Abu Dabab IV

Abu Dabab IV is an oval reef featuring beautiful coral formations with 10-20m depths. This reef is an ideal place for observing the coral fishes, UW photography and dive training.

Shaab Sharm

This large half kilometer long reef covered with soft and hard corals is a top of a massive mountain which is said to be an ancient sleeping volcano rising from from great depths. The steep walls at the southern tip turn into the plateau with the 30m max depth. All kinds of sharks, schooling barracudas, tuna, large snappers, unicorns, giant morrays and turtles can be met here. The current is strong at this reef.

Daedalus Reef

Daedalus Reef features pristine hard and soft corals and an amazing marine life. Here you will meet curious Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Tresher Sharks. The drift dives along amazing deep walls covered by superb corals will let you observe numerous pelagic fishes: Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Manta Rays. This dive site is one of the most impressive in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone, a large sliver of reef around 180m long, is always an excellent dive. Rich in corals and fishes, attracting the interest of dolphin pods, barracudas and Oceanic White Tip Sharks, Mantas, Whale Sharks and Giant Trevallies, Elphinstone is one of the world's most exciting diving destinations.

Salem Express shipwreck

Salem Express wreck was a passenger ferry that operated between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. On the 17 December 1991 after hitting Hyndman reef she sank. Now the wreck is at a depth of 10-33m and can be seen from the surface. Plunging to the ship, it is impossible to forget the scale of the tragedy occurred here. The cars and the luggage of the passengers are still inside. Take only memories, leave nothing but bubbles - this proverb suites this wreck diving the best.

Panorama reef

Panorama Reef is one of the best diving sites near Safaga. A plateau is colonized by anemones, sponges and soft corals. Numerous clown-fishes, wrasses, groupers and antias fishes scurry along the plateau and inside few small caves, large predators ply around the reef in search of prey. The reef is easily recognizable due to a small lighthouse installed on it.

Shaab Marsa Alam

Shaab Marsa Alam is a big arched reef with a vast coral garden, cave, canyon, coral walls and a well preserved wreck of 2004. A drift dive at the eastern part will let you see reef sharks and dolphins, diving in the lagoon you will see morays, crockodile fishes, rays, groupers and lion-fishes and the remains of the yacht.

Fury Shoals

To the North of Ras Banas there is one of the most beautiful diving areas of the Red sea - Fury Shoals with its intact coral gadens, magnificent underwater formations, lagoons, caves inhabited by barracudas, sharks, giant trevallies, dog-tooth tuna, turtles, octopuses, dolphins and millions of coral fish. Famous dive sites of the area are Sataya (Dolphin reef), a common place to meet schools of bottle-nose dolphins, Claudia reef with its carousel of caves and canyons, Abu Galawa reef famous for the Chinease wreck of the Second World War times, Shaab Maksour remarkable for its strong currents, considerable depth and sharks encounters.

Claudia reef

Claudia (Sha’ab Claudia) is a beautiful cavernous reef with an expansive and spectacular system of caves of 6m - 9m which can be easily penetrated. The caves open from the top allow an amazing game of colors and lights inside which make Claudia a favorite spot for underwater photography. Soft corals,  clown fish stations, turtles, Napoleons complete the dive picture. 

Sataya (Dolphin House)

Large horseshoe-shaped Shaab Sataya reef also known as the Dolphin Reef or Dolphin House, with its steep walls leading down to a sandy slope scattered with a great variety of coral heads with depths varying 4m - 40m is named after the friendly mammals that can be spotted regularly on site. You'll be also amazed by whitetip sharks, fusiliers, Spanish dancers and parrotfish. This site is also a perfect destination for snorkelling.

Important Note

The time, sites and ports of this itinerary are subject to change at any time without prior notice due to weather conditions or other factors. Direct transfers to/from the yacht are always included. Egyptian Cruising Company reserves the right to cancel the booking for the safety of passengers if it is not possible to change the time and route due to poor weather conditions.