Una rica colección de itinerarios en el Mar Rojo egipcio y sudanés para buceadores, viajeros de cruceros y amantes de los deportes acuáticos


An iron pylon rising 30m above the sea marks the barrier reef of Abington. This area hides dozens of beautiful reefs covered with gorgonians where shoals of fusiliers, jacks, trevallies, tuna, jacks are cruising around. Mantas, white-tip sharks, hammerheads are slowly patrolling the reef walls. Lion-fishes and rays are hiding in the caves. The wealth of micro-fauna on this wall is truly unique with a multitude of small creatures in innumerable cracks.


A beautiful famous deep reef covered densely with soft corals of all colours where it is usual to spot hammerheads, grey and white-tip sharks, tiger sharks, enormous schools of barracudas, pelagic fish, tuna, jacks, snappers and glassfish. In the cracks of the wall there are rich anemone gardens with accompanying them clownfishes.


The most impressive steep-walled dive-site in the Northern itinerary, Merlo is a reef of red and black whip  corals, soft corals, large sponges with stingrays, morays, trigger fish, unicorn fish clouding the reef and trevallies, jacks, barracudas and sharks patrolling the scenary. 


A vast sheltered lagoon offering safe haven for boats in the night. It is full of marine life, the visibility is perfect - an ideal place for a night dive.

Shaab Qumeira

This coral reef with a large shipwreck on its eastern side is rarely visited by safari yachts. It is full of healthy marine life: abundance of soft and hard corals, coral fish attracting schools of pelagics, reef sharks and hammerheads.

Mesharifa island

Mesherifa island surrounded by a coral lagoon famous for mantas gathering here for mating season is best to visit from September to early November after the active phase is over and mantas stay in a vast lagoon feeding and preparing for a long journey away. 


One of the most beautiful reefs to the far North from Port Sudan, Pfaifer is a triangular formation with 2 detached ergs exposed to the open blue and combining the beauty of a lush coral garden and a gathering point of sharks, pelagics, hammerheads

Khor Shinab Bay

Fantastic Khor Shinab Bay, a rare place on Earth without a sign of human presence - a glistening specular ribbon curling into the vast pink Martian desert between tender turquoise shoals, ancient red rocks, white plains spangled with millions of ancient shells, with flocks of flamingo relaxing in the coves, tranquil silhouettes of wild camels framing the mountains and endless colorful reefs under the water.

Ras Abu Shagara

An underwater aquarium is another name of this site as it is bursting with life: shoaling squirrel-fish, red groupers, clouds of butterfly fish, emperor fish, angelfish populating massive coral towers rising up from 30 m depth in the middle of the blue.

Nota Importante

El tiempo, los sitios y los puertos de este itinerario están sujetos a cambios en cualquier momento sin previo aviso debido a las condiciones climáticas u otros factores. Las transferencias directas al yate siempre están incluidas. Egyptian Cruising Company se reserva el derecho de cancelar la reserva por la seguridad de los pasajeros si no es posible cambiar la hora y la ruta debido a las malas condiciones climáticas.