Una rica colección de itinerarios en el Mar Rojo egipcio y sudanés para buceadores, viajeros de cruceros y amantes de los deportes acuáticos

Sudán del Sur

Un itinerario fascinante que ofrece magníficos arrecifes de coral, islas, famosos naufragios, vida marina viva, pelágicos escolares, peces de arrecife, tiburones sedosos en el arrecife Protector, mantas, barracudas, atún, hammerheads en Jumna y Logan, tortugas en Seilada, tiburones grises y hammerheads in Shaab Ambar, tiburón de punta blanca en casi todos los arrecifes y variaciones interminables de corales.

Wingate reef & Umbria wreck

The Umbria built in Hamburg in 1912 and sunk in 1940 near Port Sudan is known as one of the best wrecks in the world to dive, so attracting divers to Sudan. 155m long, 18m wide, she rests almost intact with its precious cargo at the depth of 5-35m. On its final voyage in 1940, being in the hands of the Italians transporting over 350,000 bombs, cars, ammunition she was scuttled by the captain and sank in order not to be captured by British troops. It is possible to dive all around the wreck and to penetrate easily to the most of the sections. 



The large coral barrier 14 miles from Port Sudan where the famous British built lighthouse of 1906 rises up. It is possible to go up to the top of it between the dives. The reef forested by table corals is a home to large shoals of pelagics, colorful reef fish and an abundance of reef sharks.

Shaab Ambar

A large coral barrier reef with secluded lagoon close to Swakin Archipelago islands offering wall-diving, interesting night-diving and providing a safe haven for the night when visiting the islands of Swakin to the South. 


The most Northern reef of Swakin Archipelago with its lush walls, caves and endless coral formations hosting schools of hammerheads and mantas, pelagics and miniature nudibranches, rays and coral fishes of all possible colours.

Keary & Logan

Two small beautiful reefs beside each other with a lush plateaus and vertical walls boasting endless bushes of whip corals and sea fans. Coral formations are colonized by soft corals. Reefs are inhabited by coral fishes, pelagics and patrolled by hammerheads.


A reef which original name is Nakhalat but known to divers as Pinnacle is a tower rising up from the depth covered with bright-colored Whip corals and Acroporas. The large cave at 45m depth hides giant groupers. Shoals of tunas, trevallies, barracudas and jacks are circling slowly around. Hammerheads, silky, grey, white-tip and fox sharks can appear from the blue when the current is right.

Seilada Kebir

Seilada Kebir, a small island of white sand, is a nesting point of turtles where in late spring you can see them crawling out of water to lay the eggs and during the rest time of the year you will meet them near the island.


Pender reef is a beautiful coral tower attracting busy marine life: coral fish, schools of tuna and jack-fish, hammerheads


A reef with a long plateau dotted by many large madreporic blocks which almost reach the surface. Stunning coral shapes wrapped in fish clouds attract sharks, hammerheads, tunas, jacks, barracudas.


Another unforgettable and lush coral reef of Suakin Archipelago with rich underwater photography possibilities.

Nota Importante

El tiempo, los sitios y los puertos de este itinerario están sujetos a cambios en cualquier momento sin previo aviso debido a las condiciones climáticas u otros factores. Las transferencias directas al yate siempre están incluidas. Egyptian Cruising Company se reserva el derecho de cancelar la reserva por la seguridad de los pasajeros si no es posible cambiar la hora y la ruta debido a las malas condiciones climáticas.